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I've player the whole project and I am kind of disappointed that you've discontinued it. The sound and level design is great, as well the visuals. The mechanics though feel a bit unpredictable (like when moving or sticking to a wall) and the level details are sticking out in some places - but that's fixable.

If you ever decide working on it again, I would be interested! :)


Thanks for your kind words,. :)

Tho, i know it needs detail work and tweaking,. but, as u know, it wasnt finished,. ;)

I just know ill not continue with it, ive started and nearly finished 2 games now, so i know ill not return to it ,..

But, the idea of giving out the Source Code, was so someone could finish it, maybe,.. or at least give people ideas to do something similar,..

Hi, MZY:

Ihave just bought this game and source codes.  I use GameMaker Studio 2.3.4 to open this YYZ game project, hit "F5" and run, only to find that there is a black screen with a center white rectangle on the screen. I can hear all the sound effects and the sound of rain drops, but I cannot see anything except this blank white screen.

Any Ideas? Help may be appreciated.


I have tried both the old one and new one, the source code version and the windows native bulid versions. All these four downloads act the same: Black Screen and White rectangle in the middle. I'm on Windows 10, any solutions?

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Strange, ive just imported it, again to re check it works,.. 

How are u importing it,..?

On the ..  'New' .. 'Open' .. 'Import' screen just drag the 'GETOUT2SourceCode.yyz' across and drop it into the window, then import all files, if uve made a new project, it may have a 'room' that shouldnt be there,..

I have tried again, import project into GMS2.3.4, press F5, and it still doesn't work for me.

Even the native builds I download act the same, so I cannot even play this game on my Windows 10 machine.

Maybe it's some kind of configuration error? 

Can you reproduce this same error as I have?

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Sorry, i wish i understood what was happening, so i could help more,..

but ive tried to install the game again with no problems, 

and you are the only person, out of the 20 that have got the source code thathas this problem,..

the only thing i can think of, is that its a window size / ratio problem, 

Press '1' or '2' for differant screen sizes, or '3' for full screen,..

Hi, MZY: 

After pressing "1" and "3" to toggle different screen sizes, I finally managed to see the normal game screen!

Now I can have fun playing & studing your game. Awesome!

So much appreciated for your patient replies.

(P.S. Pressing "2" doesn't work for me)

I would like to try this game out but without any in game text, ability to adjust screen size and get the ability to open chests/talk to people, I can't enjoy this. Hopefully something can be done to improve this experience but I don't have much hope if the creator has abandoned this project. 

Sorry u didnt enjoy, but it was free and abandond,..

and i couldnt keep the 'text' in, for reasons,..


1 + 2 changes screen size, 3 is full screen,..


^^ Find this Guy, he tells u to bring him 15 coins

and he will give u his sword,..

Jump on Critters to get Coins,..

These will open the Doors,..

This Guy will tell u to bring him 11 coins, and he will give u a snorkel that allows u to go into a nearby well., ?????????

Hope u enjoy it a bit better now ,.. :)